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Our eyes are the "windows to our souls". How many times have we heard that? 

At Skinfit we have many treatments that will enhance your eyes. 

For low maintenance eyes you could have an Eyelash tint or add an eyelash lift/perm to that so you can be make up free for up to 12 weeks! * please come to your appointment without eye make up on for the maximum benefit.

If you like a more obvious lash then you can have lash extensions - extending individual lashes one on one. They are great for an occasion or function. You can choose from classic one on one lashes or Volume lashes -3-4 lashes applied to your single lash. All of our lash extension have an enhanced natural looking finish.

Don't forget the Eyebrow tint and Eyebrow shaping - both of these treatments will draw attention to your eyes and can be beneficial if you have recently had a hair colour change.

Henna tinting - this is a natural powder we mix and apply to help create shape to your brows. The henna stains the skin and penetrates the hair shaft to help hide those naughty greys or stubborn blondes. 

Eyelash extensions

Care Instructions for eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions - the precise application of one individual lash or multiple finer lashes onto one of your natural lashes. This technique requires a steady hand, lots of patience and the correct technique.

This is why not just any Therapist is an Eyelash Technician at Skinfit body & beauty. The individual eyelashes come in varying lengths and different thicknesses so you & your lash technician can select the look that will compliment your face. As well as different length lashes we can also vary the lash application.

At Skinfit you can choose - A FULL SET of lashes - individual lashes applied across the entire upper lash line OR A FLARE SET of lashes - lashes applied from the middle of your upper lash line to the outer edge creating a sweeping look on the eye. Your lashes are an investment, so LOOK AFTER THEM

  • DO NOT get your lashes wet/steamy 6 hours after application.
  • DO brush them out each day - your Therapist should give you a brush for this.
  • Avoid rubbing, cleansing with oily products or waterproof mascara
  • DO use the recommended Make up remover & mascara at your salon
  • Get your lashes refilled every 2-3 weeks, this will maintain their full look. Waiting longer, unless advised by your therapist ,will not guarantee a full lash refill.
  • DO rebook your Lash refill - if you have a good therapist she will be sort after and hard to get into at the last minute.
  • Well applied lashes will fall out as the natural lash falls out. One for one not in clumps.
  • Never pull your lashes out. If you wish to remove them, ask your therapist to do it for you so not to damage your natural lashes.
  • For longevity, use Black Diamond sealant mascara. This will act as a ‘hairspray’ for your lashes, helping to keep them together and straight.
  • DON’T be alarmed if one side of your lashes falls out quicker, this can be from sleeping or from naturally touching a certain side.
  • Your Eyelashes, like all hair, doesn’t grow in a specific pattern. This may cause you to have growth spurts or pauses. If you have a growth spurt your lashes may need to be filled sooner. Check your lashes as they fall out, if they have a lash root attached then it was your natural lash falling out. This is ok.

Enjoy your lashes :)