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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions - the precise application of one individual lash or multiple finer lashes onto one of your natural lashes. This technique requires a steady hand, lots of patience and the correct technique.

This is why not just any Therapist is an Eyelash Technician at Skinfit body & beauty. The individual eyelashes come in varying lengths and different thicknesses so you & your lash technician can select the look that will compliment your face. As well as different length lashes we can also vary the lash application.

At Skinfit you can choose - A FULL SET of lashes - individual lashes applied across the entire upper lash line OR A FLARE SET of lashes - lashes applied from the middle of your upper lash line to the outer edge creating a sweeping look on the eye. Your lashes are an investment, so LOOK AFTER THEM

  • DO NOT get your lashes wet/steamy 6 hours after application.
  • DO brush them out each day - your Therapist should give you a brush for this.
  • Avoid rubbing, cleansing with oily products or waterproof mascara
  • DO use the recommended Make up remover & mascara at your salon
  • Get your lashes refilled every 2-3 weeks, this will maintain their full look. Waiting longer, unless advised by your therapist ,will not guarantee a full lash refill.
  • DO rebook your Lash refill - if you have a good therapist she will be sort after and hard to get into at the last minute.
  • Well applied lashes will fall out as the natural lash falls out. One for one not in clumps.
  • Never pull your lashes out. If you wish to remove them, ask your therapist to do it for you so not to damage your natural lashes.
  • For longevity, use Black Diamond sealant mascara. This will act as a ‘hairspray’ for your lashes, helping to keep them together and straight.
  • DON’T be alarmed if one side of your lashes falls out quicker, this can be from sleeping or from naturally touching a certain side.
  • Your Eyelashes, like all hair, doesn’t grow in a specific pattern. This may cause you to have growth spurts or pauses. If you have a growth spurt your lashes may need to be filled sooner. Check your lashes as they fall out, if they have a lash root attached then it was your natural lash falling out. This is ok.

Enjoy your lashes :)