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About Sunescape


Born in Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, Sunescape is an award-winning Australian-made and owned sunless tanning range that delivers natural-looking colour with a delicious tropical scent. 


Formulated without harmful ingredients, Sunescape’s products use certified natural DHA and are fortified with vitamins, antioxidants and plant oils that nourish the skin, and anti-ageing, hydrating and firming ingredients that leave skin smooth and replenished. All Sunescape products are free from parabens, petrochemicals and formaldehyde, are proudly vegan and cruelty free, and our original professional solution formulas are alcohol free – making them the perfect choice for sensitive skin types.

Whether you’re after a tan that looks like you’ve spent a Weekend in Bondi (light), a Week in Fiji (medium), a Month in Maui (dark) or a Summer in Santorini (ultra-dark), there’s a shade for every skin type and tone, which is why it’s no surprise Sunescape has become the go-to tanning formula for celebrities, influencers, models, brides and of course, everyday men and women who want to look like they’ve just returned from holidays, all year round!


At least 24hrs prior to your spray appointment it is very important to ensure all of your waxing/shaving (any hair removal method) is completed. This will ensure a flawless application and also prolong the life of your tan. If your waxing was done prior to the 24hr countdown you are recommended to do a full light exfoliation to all areas being tanned. This also applies to shaving and other hair removal methods.

TIP: We prefer body sugaring as the skin is less reactive from this hair removal method.

No moisturisers, anti-perspirants or deodorants need to be washed off prior your tan application. These act as barriers on your skin, so the tan will not absorb onto the top layer of your skin. We recommend showering prior to application. Shampoo your hair before tanning.

The Therapist can only work with the skin that is in front of them. Any tan residue or dry/damaged skin will make a difference to the end result of the tan. It is advised to plan ahead or keep your skin in good condition for those last minute tan moments. Check out our Sunescape tanning range

Have dinner and any kitchen/bathroom/laundry chores taken care of prior to appointment. Any liquid spilt on a freshly sprayed tan will ruin that area of the tan.

Your natural nail can be porous. If you are not wearing a nail colour on your fingers or toes then we suggest you paint a clear lacquer on to protect them. Dry  hands and feet will attract the tan and go very dark. You will be provided with barrier cream & sticky feet to help prevent absorption.

What to wear & bring to application. Whether you are having a ½ or full body tan it is most important that you are comfortable. The bronzer in the tan will colour your clothes but in most cases washes out, so loose fitting dark older clothes are advised. When having your tan applied most women prefer to wear only their underwear (a g-string or knickers), depending on the occasion. You are provided with a disposable G-string. Think about strap lines. Otherwise a dark coloured strapless bra and underwear is common. Whatever you are comfortable in.

The Skinfit Team has professional technicians we are there to apply the perfect tan and not to judge your body.


Sunescape has a just bronzed look immediately after application. Unlike other tans it is not overly sticky or dark after application but wearable. Your tan will darken over the time you are wearing it - up to 36 hours. Be aware even though you feel like you’re not wearing tan you need to follow the below guidelines. As soon as your tan is applied it is important to wear loose fitting clothing. Ladies - no bra is recommended. Or strapless if wearing a strapless for your occasion. We suggest long sleeved hoodie and long pants if it looks like it might rain to protect your skin. Flip flops/Thongs are best footwear to prevent the feet from sweating the fresh tan off.

Be careful for around 15mins after application of skin to skin contact, even touching your own skin. As this may spoil or mark your tan. Be careful of your seat belt in the car on the way home- anything that’s tight and rubs. Avoid leather seats. Or wearing your handbag over your shoulder.

It is up to you how long you leave your tan on for anytime from 2-6 hours or overnight is fine depending on the depth of tan you require. Speak to your Therapist whilst having the tan so they can give you the best tan colour prescription.

  • Make sure your first shower after having your tan is not overly hot, lukewarm is best, and no soap is recommended. Keep the shower short and rub the skin lightly all over with a flat hand to release the bronzer from your body.
  • Soap only the parts required for hygiene.

Pat your skin dry with a towel- do not rub.

It is only bronzer that washes away in your first shower; it is not your tan disappearing.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise 24 hours after your tan application. The richer the better, & as often as possible. This will prolong the life of your new tan. Check out our Sunescape skincare range to help prolong your tan. 

Avoid long baths, salt or chlorinated water as this may cause your tan to fade and go patchy- but don’t let this hold you back.

On your second shower you can use any soap or product as normal.

As your tan fades lightly rub the heavy areas with your towel after the shower, these areas are likely to be the feet, knees, inner elbows. This will help to blend the tan. Your tan, with care, may last for up to 2 weeks. If you have any questions or worries, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s not as daunting as it all sounds. Enjoy your tan, show it off and we’ll see you next time.

Appointments for spray tanning can be booked online or call the salon to find an appointment for you. 55626333

Suggested Products

Each skin is individual in its needs and concerns. The products listed are suggestions and generally best suited to help with your skin concern. Your skin concerns are not limited to these products suggested. Skinfit recommends a skin consultation or front counter skin consultation to have a discussion with a skin specialist to create a customised skin prescription for you to optimise your skincare products and receive the best skin results.

Check out our Sunescape homecare range to prepare your skin and extend the life of your tan