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Body Exfoliation

Body exfoliation is a popular form of body therapy that does for your body what a facial does for your face. This treatment is designed to leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant, accelerating the skin turnover process and clearing away dead skin.

Using our Pure Fiji and Skin Juice products your skin will feel smooth and glow. The exfoliation will enable your body skin care products to absorb more readily keeping your skin in tip top condition.

Follow on with a massage or perfect for the day before your tan.

There are two type of body exfoliation we offer at Skinfit:

  • Top To Toe Juicy Body Glow
    30 Minutes

    An enzyme peel is massaged onto your skin. We remove the peel with hot towels and then massage in a body oil or lotion. The enzyme gently dissolves the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This treatment is great for sensitive skins.

  • Sweet Sugar Glow
    45 Minutes

    Fresh sugar cane crystals manually exfoliate while naturally occurring alpha hydroxyls gently buff away aging skin cells, polishing your skin clean and unclogging pores. The deep moisturising blend of oils nourish, moisturize and protect your beautiful skin leaving it glowingly healthy. The sugar rub is massaged in until dissolved, hot towelled off and then you are hydrated with a Pure Fiji infusion lotion.

Add a hot oil massage for the ultimate treat.