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Skin Journey

A skin journey with a professional skin therapist is the best beginning for your skin journey. Whether you are a teen parent and wanting to teach good habits, diligent with your home skincare routine and wanting a boost or anything in between, the Skinfit team are always here to help guide you. The benefit of employing the Skinfit team to help you with your skin journey is that we know skin, we know our products and we love solving problems and making you feel great about yourself.

We start with a questionnaire and an in-depth skin analysis utilising the Observ 520 skin analyser. When it comes to your skin concerns our therapists can’t always determine the root of the problem with the naked eye. Most of the time the real issues lay beneath the layers of the skin. The all new Observe 520 skin analyser will assess all layers of your skin from the surface and below.

Our amazing therapists will provide you with advice, and a comprehensive treatment plan to help you with all your skin needs. Your therapist will guide you through our skincare triangle, which includes an in- clinic treatment plan and an appropriate home care program for you to follow ensuring that you get the best results for your skin.

The best part of a skin journey at Skinfit is that your consultation fee is fully redeemable on skincare products on the day, making your journey FREE.